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The S4M Group of Companies is a organisation of maritime related companies founded in the Netherlands with expertise in niche (global) markets. Our mutual goal is not only to serve our clients, but also to improve on the things we are doing with a focus on safety and creativity. We are motivated by passion for this industry. 

The companies under our group are globally active in Tanker chartering/management, (ARA) inland barging, bunker trading, STS operations, employment agency, S&P and more.

S4M Group of Companies bring you a total solution for all maritime matters.

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Our core values

The 8 core values of the S4M Group of companies express who we are as a organisation, it guide our decisions and inspire us.

Safety & Health

At the S4M Group of Companies we take health, safety and security of our employees, contractors, customers and third parties very seriously. As one of our core business values we are committed to achieve health and safety excellence throughout our entire organization where no efforts or costs will be saved to maintain this item.

We do not tolerate behaviour that is risky or unmindful in the working environment and on board of any vessel we operate. It is the responsibility of each individual to fully comply with local and international safety regulations with any additional  instructions communicated by S4M group and its companies to our “zero incident” goal. This goal requires constant awareness of any real or potential safety hazards, communication of incident prevention strategies and continuous due diligence in resolving any uncovered safety hazards via communications, resourcefulness and transparency. We require a high level of commitment to health and safety, not only from our management and employees, but also from all of our suppliers, guests and sub-contractors. Because individual health is critical for safe conduct, we emphasize the importance of personal wellness.


As a maritime related company we embrace our commitment to protect the environment by preventing any incidents. We ensure that all our personnel are educated, trained and have the necessary safety equipment in place and we expect our personnel to comply with our “non-drugs and alcohol policy” during duty. In the event of incident same details are to be reported to authorities immediately so corrective action takes place to ensure health, safety and protection of the environment.

When and where possible we encourage to recycling and re-using of materials   


Regardless the function in our organization we expect our employees to stay alert at all times. Incidents and problems cannot always be foreseen but we believe the majorities are caused by human errors or neglect. If ones stay alert and on top of the job you can deal with potential issues in advance and take relevant precautions, prevention is always better than solving.

We encourage everyone in our organization to speak freely with each other and ventilate any concerns what will also direct benefit all of our 8 core values.


As a prudent service provider we are 24/7 reachable for our customers, ready to anticipate to any question or enquiry. Placing ourselves in the position of the customer, what are his needs and why should he choose us?

Innovation, communication and simplicity are key factors. We make sure to have access to all knowledge and expertise needed to make every shipment a success.  Working with short lines with ability to shift instantly –always looking for a possibility to improve and keep all parties closely informed, always.


Knowledge is power -keep learning and don’t be afraid to ask.

At S4M Group we encourage and motivate people to grow and develop. We offer our employees possibilities to follow different courses and trainings related to the industry.


A ship without a rudder cannot navigate to shore.

We realise that each individual in our organization is important to our daily functionality.

We treat our colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.

All employees are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.


True passion for shipping and the challenges is where it’s all about. This is the foundation of the S4M Group of Companies. All employees are highly motivated and sharing the same mentalities. Shipping is not an ordinary “9 to 5 job” and it forms a part of your life.


There is always room for improvement. We continuously analyse various items and subjects, try to learn from mistakes and make precautions to prevent recurrence, not only internally but also in the industry.

S4M Group of Companies

Noordweg 19a
3336 LH Zwijndrecht 


T: +31 (0)10 3074132

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